Changing Patterns in Trending Culture

Web Designing and Graphic Designing industries are constantly changing. With the enhancement of creativity and adoption of newer tools there are drastic changes occur in the designing industry. By eliminating old trends and moving with the current the latest web designs and patterns proffer a new experience to each user.

To continue to learn, grow and create uniquely designed elements the designers are introduced to new tools, programs and software every now and then. The designers are to know and be updated with the latest trends happening in the field of designing. By staying current with the latest trends and styles, our designers can continue to keep our clients amazed with their personal and uniquely designed websites.

In the recent times, website designing and website development have undergone so many changes and each time the user gets a fresh feel.

Responsive Website Designs or Mobile Friendly Website Designs came with the advent of smartphones and tablets. Best and creative Website designing companies adopted new strategies to be compatible with the changing technology. Responsive Websites were introduced to the users with convenience and ease at each stage. The responsive websites fit to the screen of the device used.

Minimalism was another trend that has come into the designing industry lately. With the use of minimal text content and more designs the minimal websites offered space and breaks unlike the clustered and congested old websites. 2016 focused on more white spaces and minimal texts.

Custom Typography is a powerful visual medium which is able to create personality, evoke emotion and set tone to a website. The designers develop bespoke and customised typographic solutions which are appealing to their clients. Custom typography enables a website to host unique hand-rendered typography and lots of dynamic text and image.

Innovative scrolling and parallax are another trending style in innovative web designs. Some of the website designs holds infinite scrolling were the pages keep loading. While scrolling the static contents animate, move or full screen videos might come. As part of the minimal trend single page websites are also coming back to the forefront.

Rounded profile pictures are another trend that were a major hit in the web world. With its introduction by Twitter, round profile picture are now widely used in social media websites, matrimony websites and other types of websites. The squared profile picture are fast disappearing and designers are adopting the new change.

UI Patterns and Design Frameworks emerge across the web where many sites look and function in very similar ways as they learn from one another to hone their user’s experience. UI and UX patterns are leading the web to become a more consistently user-friendly place to be. Popular brands has started using bold duotones and daring colors in their UI design leading to a more engaging experience.

Rapid prototyping tools from services such as UXpin, Webflow, and Marvel allow designers to quickly create working low and high fidelity prototypes of sites and services without writing any codes. This is to analyse the usability and aesthetics of the website. Their ease-of-use and functionality gives an instant like-for-like experience of how the finished product would look and work in the browser, saving precious hours, resources and would-be setbacks.

Authentic photography is a significant change that has happened in the digital world. Popular brands and designers are now using photos taken by professional photographers to maintain the authenticity and trustworthiness of the company.

Asymmetric and broken layouts are now efficiently used by creative web designers to display their content with unique user experiences. The contents are being placed outside the column grid to constitute an unconventional layout. The elements and contents are organised on a loose grid to create the desired effect. With these unconventional layouts, designers can overlay typography, imagery, and other content to create unique juxtapositions and layouts which draw attention and generate interest.

There are numerous trends going on in any creativity industry at any one time, and it’s hard to pin-point every single one. Not all of these trends may be relevant to you and your content, but it’s always beneficial to know what’s happening in the industry and to see where you’re able to improve in order to develop and progress.

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